Diaspora Liberians Ponder Over The Huge Number Of Political Parties In Home Country

“It is indeed unbelievable to hear that a small country like Liberia with the population of less four million people has been swelling with the number of political parties and presidential hopefuls. Are these guys serious, or are they only doing this to enrich themselves?” This is one of the many questions being asked by some Liberians in the United States.

In an exclusive interview with some Liberians in the United States regarding the upcoming general and presidential elections in their home Country, 2017, many in rather disappointing state of mind speaking to our staff publicly rejected the huge numbers of political parties and presidential hopefuls back home.

They pondered over the intent and sincerity of some of those individuals who have expressed their interest to rule Liberia after Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shall have handover power in 2017, noting, “It is indeed disappointing and laughable to hear that presently there are over twenty political parties in the race for our country presidency,” Aaron Gardebo, a Liberian businessman in the State of Washington, the United States speaking to our staff recently noted.

Mr. Gardebo who has been in the US for over thirty-five years, called on his fellow compatriots back home to see reason for merger in the current political dispensation for the Country’s leadership, stressing, “I wonder why Liberia with less than four million people should find itself in the midst of people whose interest is to grab and go, instead of us rallying around a competent person who will have Liberia at heart?” Gardebo asked.

Another Liberian, Emmerlyne Sumo of the State of New Jersey in a chat with our staff also expressed similar feelings, but suggested that the best solution for Liberia is for the leaders of political parties to see reasons for merger instead of having dozens of political parties and presidential contenders for the 2017 elections.

Mrs. Sumo, a nurse at one of the University Hospitals in New Jersey, called on Liberians to prevail on their fellow compatriots who are opting for the Country’s presidency to consider the decision of a possible merger with other political parties.

These Liberians who spoke to our staff also decried the high level of poverty in their Country despite of the rich natural resources that Liberia has and the huge support been provided by the international community for the growth of the Country’s economy.

For his part, Togba Daniels of the state of Maryland who said he was in Liberia few months ago, blamed the Ellen leg Government for doing nothing to penalize Government officials who are caught in corruption, adding, “I saw it with my eyes in Monrovia when a member of her Government was linked to corruption publicly, that officials has been promoted to another high profile position. This is not a good sign for her and the government,” Daniel speaking further noted.

However, many of those who spoke to our staff also called on the Liberian leader to show her leadership strength in dealing with people in her Government who are caught in the mismanagement of the country’s wealth as the end of her tenure draws closer.

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