LIBERIA: AFL Graduates 154 Newly-Trained Soldiers

The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) has graduated 154 newly-trained soldiers with an assurance to citizens that the army is fully prepared to provide security for the State.

AFL Chief of Staff Brigadier General Daniel Ziankahn, gave the assurance Friday in his remarks at the graduation of the soldiers at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) in central Monrovia.

He noted that as the U. N. Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) draws down, the nation is looking up to the national army to help provide security for the State.

“I say yes to those wondering as to whether we are up to the task of mending this nation after UNMIL shall have left the country,” Ziankahn indicated.

The graduation follows completion of initial entry training by the recruits on

December 4, 2015, which qualified them for entry to the Advanced Individual Training (AIT) that leads to completion and graduation from training and absorption into the AFL

The AIT, which lasted for six weeks, among other trainings, included individual movement technique, squad and platoon battle drill tactics.

Ziankahn, who himself graduated from the AIT seven years ago, lauded graduates for their courage but noted that more still needs to be done as they are being looked up to by the citizenry to provide security to the country after UNMIL's departure.

The 154 soldiers were part of 168 Liberians recruited for service in the AFL in October 2015.

The class was trained by instructors assigned to the Armed Forces Training command.


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