Are Liberian Police Ready for Security Handover?

{VOA/Prince Collins}- The U.N. Mission in Liberia said everything is set to handover security matters to the Liberian government. The government will assume full responsibility of security by June 30, the deadline for the pullout of the U.N. peacekeeping mission, many challenges remain.

For the first time since Liberia’s civil war ended in 2003, the country will be entirely in charge of its own security.

Security transition plan

The U.N. Peacekeeping Mission, known as UNMIL, said it is confident the Liberian government will be up to the task after the pullout, but some key issues need to be addressed within the next five months.

UNMIL Chief of Public Information Russell Geekie said in order for the transition plan to succeed, the government must prioritize the security sector and enact several rule-of-law reforms before the handover deadline. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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