Muslim Woman Ejected From Trump Rally

{VOA NEWS}A Muslim woman wearing a hijab was forced to leave a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally Friday after she staged a silent protest against the Republican front-runner, who in December called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Police escorted Rose Hamid, 56, from the rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, after she and another person stood in silence when Trump spoke about Syrian refugees entering the United States. According to CNN, Hamid was sitting in the stands directly behind Trump and stood up when he suggested that Syrians fleeing the war in their country were affiliated with the Islamic State terror group.

Televised images showed Hamid wearing the Muslim head covering along with a shirt that read, "Salam. I come in peace." Stitched to the garment was a yellow Star of David that evoked memories of badges that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. The word "Muslim" was printed on the star.

The video also showed Hamid being escorted from the rally while Trump supporters waved signs bearing his name and, in some cases, heckled her. READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON VOA NEWS ONLINE

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