LIBERIA: ICRC helps authorities improve living conditions for prison inmates

The ICRC recently helped the Liberian authorities fumigate Monrovia Central Prison against bed bugs. This is part of our support to prison authorities in their efforts to improve conditions for inmates, which also includes basic infrastructure improvements and training.

It is Thursday morning in Monrovia. An environmental health team from the Ministry of Health and an ICRC team arrive at Monrovia Central Prison. Their mission: to fumigate the entire prison to combat the bed bugs that have infested the cells for months.

"Bed bugs feed on humans. They don't spread diseases, but the bites really make you miserable," says Olukunbi A. Orimoloye, the ICRC detention nurse in Liberia. After detainees alerted us to the presence of the blood-sucking insects, we provided chemicals for a seven-day fumigation operation covering 141 cells and corridors.

"This spraying represents major progress and it needs to be repeated quarterly," says health ministry official Kollie Kennedy. "Unfortunately, our government doesn't have the money to purchase the chemicals." READ MORE OF THIS ON ICRC ONLINE NEWS

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