Liberian Community in Nigeria Loses Very Active Member

The Liberian community in Nigeria has lost Ms. Jartu Sackor, who passed away on early New Year’s Day after a brief illness. She was 45 years old.

A long-time resident of the Northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, Jartu was the President of the Liberian Association of Kaduna State.

She fled Liberia in 2007 with thousands of her compatriots during the Liberian civil war. She initially settled in Lagos, but later moved to Kaduna.

Aunty Jartu, as she is popularly called by Liberians in Kaduna, was known for her humanitarian work and unfailing provision of succor to members of the Liberian community in Kaduna and adjoining states.

Her residence in Kaduna was always a beehive of Liberia-centered activities. Liberians gathered there during week-ends to hold meetings, and on official Liberian holidays to celebrate events in their homeland.

“Ms. Sackor was the pillar of the Liberian Community in Northern Nigeria who will be greatly missed,” said Prof. Al-Hassan Conteh, Liberia’s Ambassador to Nigeria, when reached for comment.

Ambassador Conteh added: “Mr. Sackor promptly assisted the Embassy of Liberia with student and consular matters in so many profound ways. She attended to issues pertaining to Government of Liberia’s cadets enrolled at the National Defence Academy Kaduna (NDA), and others registered at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. She served as the liaison between our compatriots resident in Kaduna and the Liberian Mission in Abuja. And whenever there were official events, for example, when President Sirleaf’s received an honorary doctorate degree in 2012 from the NDA, she mobilized the Liberian community in full national colors to welcome our President.”

Ms Jartu Sackor is the daughter of Mr. Mamadee M. Sackor and Mrs. Mabandu Sackor. She was born in Bong County, Liberia on April 1, 1975. She

spent her formative years in Liberia before migrating to Nigeria in 1990 due to the Liberian civil war.

She advanced her education in many hotel and hospitality ventures by acquiring several certificates of excellence. This landed her an influential job as the Manager of the Command Guest House in Kaduna.

Ms Sackor is survived by a host of relatives including Mr. Mohammed V. Sackor, Mr. Malon Sackor and Kardu Sackor.

A delegation of family members will arrive in Kaduna this Friday to conclude plans for her funeral, which will take place in Kaduna at date to be announced shortly.

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