LIBERIA: Bomi Citizens Threaten Road Closure For Authority Refusal To Rehabilitate Damaged Bridges

Citizens of Amandu and Gonzipo Towns in Klay District, Bomi County have threatened to close the roads that link their towns to the rest of the county if authorities refuse to rehabilitate damaged bridges on these roads by the end of January.

Speaking to the Liberia News Agency in the district at the weekend, an elder of Gonzipo, Zinnah Siryon, said the citizens have reached an agreement to close the roads to the public on January 30 if nothing is done by the district leaders to rehabilitate their damaged roads and bridges.

Siryon said the action of the people is intended to draw the attention of the leadership of the district to the hardship the people have been facing for three years as a result of the bad condition of their roads and bridges, especially during the rainy season.

He explained that due to this situation, commercial drivers have hiked transportation fares, increasing the hardship of citizens of the district.

When contacted, Klay District Commissioner Alfred Zinnah confirmed the deplorable condition of the roads and bridges and the slow pace at which the rehabilitation process of the roads is going.

He explained that the undertaking is a Legislative Project that is led by House Speaker Alex Tyler and that as soon as the Legislators return from their break, he will contact the Speaker.

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