Ellen Corkrum Wants Liberia’s Justice System Improved, Announces Her Bid For 2017 Presidency

The former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority, Ellen Corkrum and Co-defendant Melvin Johnson who were charged by the Liberian Government in 2013 with the commission of the crimes of economic sabotage, theft of property, criminal conspiracy and misapplication of entrusted property says the Liberian judiciary system is ‘rotten’, and needs some better improvement.

The two were indicted for allegedly defrauding the Liberian Government of US$269,000.

Addressing members of the Liberian community of Staten Island in New York, the United States on Saturday, January 2, 2016, the indicted former Managing Director, Madam Corkrum accused the Liberian government of been insensitive of the plight of the Liberian people who are drowning in abject poverty while officials of the Unity Party led Government plunder the wealth of the people.

She noted that the people of Liberia have over years been marginalized by the Ellen led government, while the security situation is getting worst to its highest peak, stressing, “Liberians need to rise up and speak out on these things. The issue of mob justice in our country is on the increase daily.”

She also accused the Liberian Government of the misuse of the country’s resources, stressing, "President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and family are enjoying the wealth of Liberia at the detriment of the Liberian people."

On the issues of her Indictment and extradition to Liberia from the United States, by the Liberian Government, Madam Corkrum said she will not be moved by any threat from the government, noting, "I will return home shortly, and won’t be frightened by any threat from the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government,” Madam Corkrum addressing Liberians in the US boastfully stressed.

She praised Liberian Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai for speaking out regarding her indictment, saying she has submitted to the US Justice Department 300-page document on how the Liberian government is being run, and the massive looting of the Liberian people resources by the Liberian Government, adding, Liberia is a sovereign nation, and therefore, accountability must be the hallmark in the country’s justice system.

During the occasion, Madam Corkrum announced her bid for the 2017 presidential election, noting, "I want to use this occasion to declare my intention to contest for the 2017 presidency. I will be visiting Liberia shortly", madam Corkrum told her fellow compatriots.

The President of the Staten Island Liberian Community Association in New York, Abraham Tucker and the Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Rufus Akoi who among the gathering expressed their support to Madam Corkrum’s presidential bid for 2017.

It is not known if the Liberian Government is still contemplating to have her arrested upon her return based on the indictment and subsequent extradition placed on her head. She has however vowed to visit Liberia in galvanizing support from the Liberian people back home for her bid for the presidency.

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