Ellen Expresses Support For Joseph Boakai’s 2017 Presidential Bid

The Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has publicly given her blessing and support to her Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai bid for his 2017 presidential election bid, describing him as “The most experienced person” to lead the country.

Speaking on a local radio program in Monrovia yesterday, President Sirleaf said, “I know that he is the more prepared, the most experienced, the one that will ensure continuity building upon the progress that we already have.”

President Sirleaf speaking further, declared: “Let me be clear, it is more than hinting, although there are many candidates who may make good presidents, but I say I am supporting the Vice President because I know that he is the more prepared, he is the most experienced, he is the one that will ensure continuity building upon the progress that we already have; that’s my commitment.”

Despite opposition candidates and what attributes they may have, President Sirleaf maintained that Vice President Boakai is the best person, and that she is absolutely going to support him.

President Sirleaf asserted that the biggest leadership ability the Vice President will bring to the political table is his experience, not just as Vice President, but in other areas in which he has worked, like the Ministry of Agriculture, LPMC, and LPRC.

Responding to the question about whether she believes that Liberia is better than when she took over, President Sirleaf emphatically declared that “by all measures, by empirical evidence, and by statistical indicators, Liberia is better off than we found it, and in the next two years it will even be a little more better off. I assure you of that because some of the things that were delayed, we are going to make sure that they get done.”

“Absolutely, we have done a whole lot, Liberia is indeed better off. I am not saying that we have reached the biggest potential. There is much more to be done, and we will continue to do more and we hope that we pass it on even better than what it is today.”

President Sirleaf did not mince her words when she showered praises on some members of her cabinet, singling out the younger ministers Axel Addy, Amara Konneh and Gyude Moore, among others, whom she said have done tremendously well with immeasurable integrity to help fulfill her government’s agenda.

“They have done a whole lot to carry on our agenda. I respect them, I like them and I think they are going to continue to be good leaders. I am just thankful that they decided to be a part of the administration and to help us carry out our development agenda,” she said.

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