Phoenix woman, 39, ‘killed Victim Because She Didn’t Believe In God And Then Kept Her Body In Her Apartment For Three Days As A Shrine

A woman in Phoenix, Arizona, told police she killed a woman because the victim did not believe in God — and then kept the body in her apartment for three days as a shrine.

Police have arrested Anitra Braxton, who they said kept a dead woman on her couch and believed she was a shrine from God before authorities found the body.

Police were called to Braxton's apartment on Saturday after getting reports of a body there.

Braxton said she was alone, but police found an unidentified woman on a couch covered by a towel.

Braxton told police the woman had been shot in the eye for not believing in God. She had been dead for three days.

Sgt. Trent Crump with Phoenix police told the Arizona Republic: 'She will not tell us who the victim is.

'When we ask for the victim's name, she gives her own name.

'At this point, we're not sure what her thought process is or what type of mental illness she may be suffering from.'

Police say the victim may have been pregnant. They arrested Braxton and charged her with first-degree murder.


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