Liberia Banned Guinean Produced Plastic Alcoholic Beverage

Eight year after the Liberian government banned the sale of the plastic alcoholic beverage, 'Drip', there are reports that the alcoholic drink has resurfaced on the Liberian market.

The Liberian government banned the drink in 2008 because the product was easily accessible to students who were mostly teenagers.
However, eight years after, it appears similar product (just as drip) has made its way on the market allegedly from neighboring Guinea.

The new product, 'La Force Tranquille', is a Guinean imported gin that is gradually taking over the market particularly in Lofa, Nimba, Bong, and Margibi counties.

Consumers say demand for the new alcoholic beverage is extremely high amongst young boys and girls as well as teenagers.

An investigation conducted by a local daily The NEWS has established that the banned alcoholic which 42% and 50 ml alcohol is being consumed by most young people, most of whom are students.

According to our reporter, during the Christmas holiday, many teenagers were seen with the latest product of 'La Force Tranquille' drink alcoholic drink from Guinea.

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