Jah Gballey Foundation Awards 25 Scholarships to Gbarpolu Schools….L$50,000 Earmarks Each Semester for Desire Students

A young progressive Liberian based in Newark, the United States of America (USA) and a native of Gbama Statutory District in Gbarpolu County, Mr. Arthur Bono Gballey has announced the awarding of over twenty-five l scholarships to be awarded to the most desired students in the district.

The scholarship scheme which is amounted to over Fifty-Thousands Liberian Dollars (L$50,000) will benefit the most needed students in dire need of financial assistances to help keep them in schools. The scholarship which is being managed by the Jah Gballey Educational Foundation (JAGEF) will benefit students attending in Gbama District.

In a dispatch from the U.S., Mr. Gballey said: As admiration and in memory of my father’s commitment to education, especially the underprivileged children in my Gbarma District, I am launching a Fifty Thousand Liberian Dollar (L$50,000) Scholarship Program to be managed by the Jah Gballey Educational Foundation (JAGEF).

The Jah Gballey Foundation will seek to uphold the legacies of his late father’s dream to support the educational needs and promote moral values for the youthful population of Gbarpolu County.

Mr. Jah Gballey, was an absolutely fantastic and amazing people-centered and traditional Liberian whose deep compassion and commitment to children’s education remained indisputable. The late Jah Gballey is survived by his wife Mrs. Mangbo Sando Gballey and eight children. He was the most devoted, affectionate, compassionate and loving husband and dad. His amazing story filled him and his family with pride.

Besides educational support, Mr. Arthur Bono Gballey said the Foundation in honor of his late father hopes to embark on various programs to promote quality education, moral values, reconciliation, teacher-student relationship, people centered developmental programs, and the creation of an enabling environment where UNITY will be the trademark.

According to him, his father Jah Gballey’s commitment to quality education for the Liberian youth transcended the responsibility to his children. He reached out to several other children, especially the ones who were thrown out of their classes for lack of school fees.

Looking back at his father’s role in the society, Mr. Arthur Bono Gballey said : When parents talk to their children about earning quality education and moral values, expect children to do incredibly well to bring pride to their parents, the community and the society. This is an exceptional and satisfying example of a native Liberian father from Gbarma Statutory District, Gbarpolu County in Western Liberia.

Recounting the distinctive story, Arthur Bono Gballey, narrated: “As a child, I vividly remember the many occasions when I saw my father using his hard-earned money to pay fees and tuition, buy learning items including text books, copy books, pens, and pencils for these children”.

“My father was a caregiver in the Gbarma District; and the fond memories of his kindness have motivated me to keep his dream alive by reaching out to the youthful population, especially the under-privileged in the district whose parents cannot afford to pay the cost for their children’s education”.

He explained: Just as my dad was warmhearted toward other children’s education, as a child born during the 70s in the Women Sande Bush in Yangaryah, Gbarpolu County, he was also very supportive of my educational interests, doing it with a deep sense of passion and commitment.

He further: At the beginning of every academic semester, my dad would purchase my text books and other school materials. Because of my father’s educational commitment to his children, as well as to the children in his community, he not only paid our school fees and tuition, he encouraged us to take our lessons seriously. This was the secret behind my motivation and successes in school. For this, I am most grateful to God.

“This exceptional story is such that upon earning my basic education from Yangaryah Elementary School, my dad arranged to move me to Monrovia to pursue my secondary education which was rewarded with a high school diploma and WAEC certificate in 1992.”

Concluding, Arthur Bono Gballey said: My unique education achievement is not all about roses. I lived most of my childhood years on the farm where I was taught the dignity of hard work. As a child growing up on the farm, my first enrollment in school was at the age of 13, but the ego factor didn’t deter me from accomplishing what I knew was achievable”.

Signed: Arthur Bono Gballey

Founder: The Jah Gballey Educational Foundation (JAGEF)

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