US Based Prelate Riddles Christians, “Where Is Their God?

As millions of Christians around the world observes the birth anniversary of Jesus on December 25th, 2015, the head pastor of a US based Liberian Church, the First United Christian Church of Staten Island, New York, Rev. Lloyd Land , called on his congregation, and Christians worldwide to recognize that there is God who can deliver whatever is requested.

Delivering his Sunday sermon on December 27, 2015, Rev. Land quarreled Christians who he said have failed to realize the greatness of God through his son Jesus Christ and choice to place their trust in man.

Preaching from the text of Psalms 37, “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity,” Rev. Land urged Christians to trust in the Lord, and embrace Jesus Christ as their Savior, and desist from trusting in man who he said cannot solve their problems.

He told the congregation many of whom are Liberians residing in the New York district of Staten Island that it is just impossible to succeed in life without the torch and blessing of God.

Rev. Land told his congregation that “The same God who did it for the Israelis can do it for you. Just trust in him and you will receive his blessings, once you keep the faith and prays at all time,” Rev. Land Urged.

He noted that since Jesus was nailed on the cross in order to save mankind, Christians should embrace his birth anniversary, and sing to the world to glorify his birth, noting,  “We all should believe that he can give you anything  that you want in life, and not man,”  the FUCC senior pastor told Christians.

He said Jesus being the bread of life, and savior of the world, Christians should always take into consideration to at all-time to embrace him with faith, adding, “God is real if you pray with faith, Jesus is the same yesterday and forever”.

The First United Christian Church (FUCC) situated on 109 Victory Boulevard Staten Island, New York was established in 1989. Rev. Belinda Curtis is the Assistant Pastor of the Church.

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