ECOWAS Leaders vow to fight terrorism, others

The Heads of State of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) recently agreed to fight terrorism and other threats in the sub-region.

The ECOWAS Leaders also agreed to work together to promote regional integration, peace, security and development.

According to a dispatch from the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, the ECOWAS Heads of State made the commitment over the weekend at the close of the 48th Ordinary Session of that regional body.

The Communiqué also highlighted violent extremism, maritime piracy and trafficking as some the major challenges facing ECOWAS.

The 48th Ordinary Session followed the 75th and 35th Ordinary Sessions of the ECOWAS Council of Ministers and Mediation and Security Council, respectively held in Abuja, Nigeria.

At the same time, the ECOWAS Leaders reaffirmed their determination to promoting peaceful-co-existence within the Framework of its protocols.

It also quotes the ECOWAS Heads of State as saying: “We are gratified by the conduct of credible, transparent, free and peaceful Presidential elections in Guinea and Burkina Faso.

As a sub-regional body, the Economic Community West African States was established in 1975 to promote the economic advancement of member states, with Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

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