NLP Sends Out Season’s Greetings to Liberians At Home and Abroad

The New Liberia Party (NLP), one of Liberia’s newest opposition political parties has extended season’s greetings to Liberians both at home for this year’s Christmas celebration. In a prepared statement from the Party and dispatched to this news outlet, the party said:

"Dear Fellow Liberians,

Throughout history, mankind has consistently tried to control/manage his environment. Many a time, we have successfully managed to conquer. Humans have landed on the moon; that of course, has not stopped our desire to explore new frontiers. We have broken down communication barriers between distances. We continue to discover answers to many of our human problems. We have developed antibiotics to fight and cure infections that once threatened the human race. These enumerations are all testimonies of the supremacy of the greatest gift of all from The LORD, the Human MIND.

Too many of us think that national solidarity in our homeland is impossible and unreal. There is a manufactured superstitious thought that Christians and Muslims cannot peacefully co-exist. That is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable and that Liberia is doomed and gripped by forces we cannot control. We realize that there is a dialectical relationship that exists between the two religions. We must challenge the myths and misconceptions through the use of historical analysis and micro-empirical approaches, not in theory nor shenanigans. Let us work with our religious leaders, scholars, policymakers and people of good will to seriously consider the promotion of reconciliation, in its truest sense.

New Liberia Party knows that religious and ethnic conflicts in Liberia is a man-made distraction, therefore can be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Let us focus on the practical peace, not based on a sudden," the statement to the Liberian people on the celebration of this year's Christmas Day concluded

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