LIBERIA: Defense Minister Calls For Public Role In State Security

Liberia’s Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai says sustained confidence in Liberia's security sector requires the collaborative efforts of public officials and those they govern.According to a Defense Ministry press release, Minister Samukai said the presence of public officials in any given remote area, no matter which branch of the Liberian government they come from, gives a radiance of hope to the people.“Security is about everything we do – whether it is farming, selling bitter balls, carrying out medical operations or banking services; we all need a secure environment,” Minister Samukai said.

“While the security personnel are required to carry out their statutory mandate, politicians, local leaders, civil society actors and the entire population have a stake in the maintenance of national security,” he added.The release said in a live radio broadcast, Minister Samukai thanked the people of Foya District for their unity of purpose which led to the defeat of the Ebola virus disease.

He also praised farmers in the district for their continuous engagement in rice production which is a positive direction in tackling food insecurity.The Minister also lauded farmers of Foya District for their reported high yields in cash crops such as cocoa and coffee during this year's harvest.He disclosed that government and key agencies are currently consulting for the immediate intervention by the Armed Forces of Liberia Engineering Company in some critical spots of the Lofa highway to boost the sale of farm products and enhance other economic activities.

The release said Minister Samukai spoke over the weekend in Foya District, Lofa County, where he had gone to inspect some border points as a way of reassuring the people of northwestern Liberia that the security of every part of Liberia is cardinal to the overall security of the country.He praised the joint security at border points of the country for their vigilance and loyalty to the state.

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