For Political Leader Running Party ‘Single-Handedly’ ALP Secretary General Resigns

The founding National Secretary General of the All Liberia Party of businessman Benoni Urey has resigned his position, saying the political leader of party is single-handedly running the party.

A local daily, the New Dawn in its report said, Mr. George Wootor submitted his letter of resignation from the ALP last week as a protest against the political leader, businessman-turned politician Benoni Urey.

The ALP Political Leader, according to Mr. Wootor, single-handedly running the party, as well as usurping the duties and functions of the secretariat, further alleging that it was difficult and tormenting times working with Mr. Urey who does not respect the views of party officials, including him and the National Chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Lomax.

"Decisions of the party are made solely by Mr. Urey. He'll come in the morning and called an emergency meeting; and in that meeting, he will announce what he’s intended for the party without our imputs. When you tried to quiz him on these dictatorial policies, he gets angry and will not change those things; we think it was time to quit," Mr. Wootor said.

According to him, Mr. Urey feels that because he brings the cash to the table, party officials must always subscribe to his whims and caprices that he projects. The ALP former Secretary General – now Vice Chairman for Mobilization and Recruitment of another newly registered political party, Liberian People Democratic Party of House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, added that he was cognizant of the fact that in Liberian politics, it was difficult to work things out in a more contemporary faction for progress without the personal thinking of the political leader, stressing that in the case of the ALP, Mr. Urey was running the party as though he is the only decision-maker, even though the party was considered a 'masses-driven' political institution.

He described the ALP Political Leader as a 'dictator and tyrannical leader' surfacing on the Liberian political landscape, warning Liberians against making any mistake to elect him.

On August 7, 2015, the National Elections Commission or NEC certificated the newly formed All Liberia Party after meeting the requirements and guidelines consistent with the establishment of a political party in Liberia. The certification of ALP put to an end long-running speculations regarding Mr. Urey's future in terms of the formation of a party on whose ticket he would run for president.

When the national chairman of the party was contacted via mobile to response to the allegations, he deferred his reaction, suggesting that the interview be at a later date not decided. He, however, indicated that Mr. Wootor resigned as Secretary General at will, discounting the issue of Political Leader Benoni Urey being a 'dictator' and far from the true.

Mr. Urey could not reach as this paper was told by personal staff that he (Urey) was out of the country and may return this week.

-Story Credit: By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-

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