US Based Liberian Clergy Urges Compatriots to Seek God’s Guardian

As Liberians both at home and abroad are opting for a lasting peace in their country, a US based Liberian female Clergy is calling on her fellow compatriots to seek the face of God if they are to live peacefully in their troubled country.

Rev. Belinda D. Curtis, Assistant Pastor of the First United Christian Church of Staten Island, New York spoke when she deliver her Sunday, December 20, 2015 sermon at the Church’s edifice, making reference of the celebration of Christmas Day, the birth of Christ, on December 25, 2015, Rev. Curtis admonished Liberians and Christians in general to look to God for everlasting peace.

Speaking on the theme: “What is his name”, the US based Liberian prelate said Jesus was born to save the world, and therefore urged all Christians to live a holy life by preserving their lives for Jesus.

“We have God that we can trust; we will continue to wait for his time, no one can make it on their own without God”, Rev. Curtis who was spiritually grinded in her sermon cautioned Christians around the globe.

The First United Christian Church which is situated in the heart of Staten Island, New York on 109 Victory Boulevard, and is dominated by Liberians and other African Christians. This Church was established in 1989.

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