Henry Costa, Urey’s Talk-Show Host Issues Threat On Publisher, But Publisher Says No Amount Of Threats Will Deter His Work

The Publisher and Managing Editor of the widely browse online newspaper, www.gnnliberia.com has been threatened by Henry Costa, a louses radio talk-show host in Monrovia for featuring a news article culled from a Liberian online newspaper, ‘The New Dispensation’ that some groups of rights advocates in Europe and the United States were pressing forward for the arrest of his sponsor,the political leader of the opposition All Liberia Party (ALP), businessman Benoni Urey who was to visit Canada to attend a wedding program of his daughter.

According to The New Dispensation’ the rights groups and activists in the communication urged the government of Canada to arrest or stopped Mr. Urey who reportedly staying that country from leaving Canada in order to force him face prosecution for his alleged role in the Liberian civil conflict during the reign of detained former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

But in his louses and hash words posted on Face Book threatened to deal with the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Global News Network of the www.gnnliberia.com, Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks on his Voice 102.7 FM sponsored by Mr. Urey to tell the public that the www.gnnliberia.com publisher wrote the story against his sponsor, Mr. Urey because he had earlier requested for money from him, an allegation denied by Mr. Brooks.

On his Face Book page he said these words: “You don’t get tired writing rubbish about Urey? It is because he didn’t give you money when you were calling left and right? You have no integrity…..that’s why that stupid online crap you call gnn won’t go anywhere. I will deal with you on my show. Your silly poll on 2017,” these were some of the words Costa used on the www.gnnliberia.com publisher.

But in reaction to Costa’s louses and false allegations, Mr. Brooks said he will not be deter and will continue to report nothing but the facts; aimed at informing adequately the Liberian people and the rest of the world on the daily happenings in Liberia on his widely browse news online.

He said the best thing Costa should have done if he wanted to clarify the story was to call him for more detail on how he got such report regarding his sponsor, instead of doing that he instead decided throw insults at him on Face Book, calling him all kinds of names.

Mr. Brooks speaking further said when he saw the story on this Link: The New Dispensation the first thing he did as a professional journalist was to call Mr. Urey on his mobile line: +231-888000700, and his party’s Chairman, Emmanuel Lomax on +231-777645421 both individuals refused to answer their respective lines after their phones rang endlessly.

He said the story being useful for the public he decided to feature it since those contacted for clarification refused to answer his call, noting that at the end of the story he noted, “Investigation continues,” meaning that when ever they were ready to address themselves on the issue he would give them the chance to do so.

On the issue raised by Mr. Costa that GNN 2017 poll is a “Crap’, Mr. Brooks also noted that prior to his departure from Liberia to the United States www.gnnliberia.com weekly poll, which gathers its information nationwide under the West Africa Pollster featured Mr. Urey as one of the candidates who got the lowest votes that week, based on a survey conducted by the entity's well trained pollsters from around the country.

This result, he said did not go down too well with Mr. Urey, when he asked Henry Costa to meet with Mr. Brooks at a local entertainment center in Monrovia that very week., after meeting with Mr. Emmanuel Lomax, his Party’s National Chairman.Mr. Brooks said during this meetings with Lomax and Costa there was nothing like requesting for money from Urey, but rather told them how their party, the ALP and Mr. Urey were not been favored by the Liberian people for the 2017 presidency during a survey conducted nationwide by the entity's pollseters.

He said he also made it cleared to both of the (Costa and Lomax) that the opinion poll been featured on his website was not done in favor of any of the presidential candidates, but rather done to see who was been favored by the Liberian people come 2017.

He said the harsh reaction from Henry Costa using insulting words on him in defense of his ‘Master’, Mr. Urey without getting the facts was unbecoming, noting, “I will not be threaten by anyone. I will write what is factual and balanced,” Mr. Brooks noted.

Click this link to read the full article culled from The New Dispensation

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