NEW YORK – Arrest Of Benoni Urey In US Spread Like Wildfire, As Rights Groups’ Quest Thwarted

Liberians in the United States are murmuring about the attempted reported arrest of the political leader of the All Liberia Party (ALP), businessman Benoni Urey who recently visited Canada following a request from some human rights groups and activists calling on the Canadian government to assist in the arrest of Mr. Urey.

According to a report featured on The New Dispensation online newspaper and circulating in the US, the rights groups and activists have urged the government of Canada to arrest or stopped from leaving Canada and in order to force him face prosecution for his alleged role in the Liberian civil conflict during the reign of detained former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

However, informed sources told this news outlet via mobile phone from Canada said Mr. Urey last Friday went to Canada to attend the graduation of his daughter, the first trip outside Liberia since the United Nations lifted travel ban on him and the United States subsequently removal of sanction on Liberia last month.

His Urey’s trip was previously scheduled take him to Brussels and then to Canada and finalizing his foreign visit in the United States before returning home but was shrinking to only includes Canada.

According to our source, the rights groups and activists who are residing in the United States and Europe after hearing that Urey was in that Country contacted the Canadian Intelligence Service and the Intelligence Service for his immediate arrest but was thwarted as a result of his (Mr. Urey’s) unceremonious departure from that Country.

Effort by this news outlet to contact Mr. Urey or his party’s executives vie mobile phone proved unsuccessful. Our Investigation continues.

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