Liberia’s last Ebola contacts finish quarantine

More than 160 people deemed at danger of getting Ebola in Liberia completed their mandatory surveillance interval on Friday, taking the worst affected state a step closer to stopping the outbreak.

Liberia was the first of West Africa’s three most badly hit nations to be declared Ebola- free, once in May and in September, but each time new instances have inexplicably re-emerged.

The 166 contacts, among them several health care workers who attempted to treat the country’s last victim, a teenage boy, were connected to him or his family.

“We went 21 days and nobody became symptomatic,” said Tolbert Nyenswah, the head of Liberia’s Ebola response. “It reveals that there’s no aggressive transmission of Ebola at this stage,” he added.

Liberia has lost more than 4,800 folks to the haemorrhagic fever out of. more than 11,300 total victims

While Guinea, which suffered its first case a couple of years back, has released its last known patient from hospital neighboring Sierra Leone officially stopped the outbreak in November.

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