Liberians Want Mary Broh Do What She Asked To Do

Dozens of Liberians who were interviewed about the action of Mary Broh or 'Gen Broh' to beautify one of Africa's oldest cities, Monrovia which lacks  beautification despite of its years long status, say 'General Broh' should be given her rights to do her job.

Recently, Madam Broh was cited by the Supreme Court of Liberia based on allegation from some residents of Monrovia that she destroyed their properties during her campaign to cleanup Monrovia.

A week later she was declared free to go about her duty, and the task given her by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to cleaup Monrovia, which many considered as Africa's dirtiest cities.

We ask the public to send in comment regarding what they think of her in the performing her duties as head of the presidential task force. Send in your comment to or 

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