LIBERIA: Presidential Task Force More Prepared To Keep Monrovia Clean, Targets Health Center

‘Gen.’ Mary T. Broh, head of the presidential taskforce to beautify the city, has recommended to the Ministry of Health and the Medical and Dental Board the immediate closure of Mawah Clinic for its unsanitary environment.

She told a team of Ministry of Health officials assigned to the taskforce that the clinic should be closed to enable the management to carry out a full cleanup exercise.

Mawah Clinic is a well-known private medical facility in Vai Town, Monrovia, offering a wide range of medical services, from lab tests to surgery. Speaking to reporters shortly after a tour of the facilities over the weeked, Madam Broh said it was unfortunate for the most famous Mawah Clinic in Vai Town to be filthy, with loads of trash including needles, testing kits and syringes.

Madam Broh said improper disposal of needles, testing kits and syringes is dangerous for children and adults in the community.

Broh said she wants health authorities to urgently intervene by closing the clinic until the management improves sanitary conditions at the clinic.

“We were around the entrance of Mawah Clinic last week and I thought by now they would have cleaned the place and sanitize the facilities to give it a facelift, which the management has not done. This is the place that has doctors and nurses who have been to medical school but what is happening to sanitation and hygiene at the place is unknown,” she said.
Madam Broh said the doctors and nurses at the clinic are very reckless in observing hygiene and other health related rules, which is precarious for those seeking medical attention there.
“This is the place that thousands of Liberians and even foreign residents get healthcare services, and they need to have or observe good hygiene. 

With the present unhealthy condition, there is no need for anyone to seek medication at Mawah Clinic,” she said.
Madam Broh said 99.9% of the Liberian population deserves better and regretted that there are people in the country who will like to see a permanent class of people in abject poverty so that they can hold on to their power base.

“This will not happen because some of us are here to eradicate the problem. We will not have school cafeterias, milk facilities, among others, filled with maggots and worms,” she added.
Madam Broh said she is back and will continue to work tirelessly to clean the city because “I believe in the beautification of Liberia, that all of us can live better and clean.”

CREDIT: Daily Observer

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