WHO Today Declare Liberia ‘Ebola Free’ Today Again

Liberians and foreigners are anxiously looking forward to once again hear the World Health Organization announcing for the second time for Liberia to be freed of this deadly virus, the Ebola virus after going the 42 days since the last confirmed case of an infected person who died of Ebola virus disease was safely buried in Liberia.

Hundreds of Liberians and international health partners are expected to grace the occasion according to WHO protocol, a country can be declared free of Ebola transmission either when 42 days have passed since the last confirmed case tests negative for the virus, or when 42 days have passed after the burial of the last confirmed infected person and there are no new cases in the meantime.

Forty-two days is the time period set by the WHO to declare an outbreak over. It is double the 21-day incubation period of Ebola virus.

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