LIBERIA: Ellen Issues Executive Order No. 73; Suspends Tariff on Forestry, Agricultural and Agro-processing Equipment, Live Animal for Breeding and Agricultural Seeds

Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued Executive Order No. 73 suspending tariffs imposed on essential agro-processing, forestry and agricultural equipment, live animals for breeding, agricultural seeds and other goods directly related to forestry and agricultural development classified under the tariff numbers of the Liberia Revenue Code.

According to an Executive Mansion release, importers shall pay only the Custom User Fee (CUF) and the ECOWAS Trade Levy (ETL), where applicable; while those benefiting from the Executive Order must be directly involved in agro-processing, forestry and agriculture.

Executive Order No. 73, signed by President Sirleaf on December 1, 2015, renews Executive Order No. 64 which expired on April 25th 2015.

The Government of Liberia seeks to continuously incentivize the agricultural sector in its quest to diversify the economy as it recognizes that the development of the forestry, agriculture and agro-processing sectors are key to achieving growth in those sectors, thus increasing food security and overall improvement in the livelihood of smallholder farmers and the private sector.

Executive Order No. 73 states that Government recognizes the increasing need to stimulate activities in agro-processing, forestry and agricultural; and continuously provide incentives to those sectors as provided under the economic transformation pillar of the Agenda for Transformation by encouraging private sector investment in the procurement of essential agro-processing, forestry and agricultural equipment, agricultural seeds, and other goods directly related to the improvement and development of those sectors.

The Executive Order takes immediate effect.

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