Two Suspects in California Shooting Dead

Officials in the city of San Bernardino, in Southern California, have confirmed the names of the two people believed to have shot and killed 14 people and injured 17 at a state government agency Wednesday.

Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said they were 28-year-old Syed Farook and 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik. Burguan said the two were either married or engaged. The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times newspaper report the two were married and were parents of a baby.

After the shooting, Farook and Malik were found by police at a home in a town near the shooting. The two fled in a car and were chased by police, who shot and killed them during a gun battle. One police officer was wounded.

Burguan said Farook was an employee of the San Bernardino County health department. The city is about an hour east of Los Angeles. The agency was holding a Christmas party at the offices of an organization that trains mentally disabled people. Reports say Farook angrily left the party and returned with Malik. The two carried assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns. READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON VOA NEWS WEBSITE


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