As Liberians Live In Fear For Ritualistic Killings, Grand Cess Paramount Chief Falls Prey

Liberia has now become a Country of human hunters, and a ground for ritualistic killings as the news of missing people be it young or old, a situation which seems to worry every Liberian.

Just few days ago two kids beteen the ages of 4 and 7 years old who were missing in their community on the Monrovia/Roberts Field highway and later discovered in a vehicle belonging to a Nigerian national with parts missing is being investigated by police.

The alleged killer of the kids only identified as OJ, also a resident of the community where the children were killed is currently behind bars awaiting further investigation by police authority.

Another report of a missing person, this time a local paramount chief in Grand Kru County has been reported missing in the County with a massive hunt for the man.

According to a local journalist in the County, the local chief, Woloh Sogbie with other elders from around the County who came to to Cestos City to welcome on last Friday to welcome their Superintendent from Monrovia was housed by one of the residents in the city after the night passed, the chief could not be found in the room where he slept.

The report further said hundreds of chifes from around the County have gathered in the city to launch a massive hunt for their colleagues, at the same time the report said the County authority has called on the national security authority in Monrovia to quickly move in the County in order to help in the search of the local chief.

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