LIBERIA: Shooting Of A Guinean In Lofa County Angry Guinean Army Troops To Mount Heavy Artillery At Border

Fresh report from Lofa County say the border between Liberia and Guinea few days ago was a scene of tension as Guinean military troops angrily mounted heavy military artillery following news that one of  their compatriots only identified as Bar was shot on the soil of Liberia by man believed to be armed robber.

Mr. Bah, a Guinean money exchanger who usually plies the border route between Liberian and Guinea on his motorbike for business purposes in a border town in Liberia was reportedly shot three times in his back after he refused to stop the man who wearing mask on the highway.

Our Correspondent said when the news of the shooting of Mr. Bah spread around the Liberian/Guinea border, Guinean military men regrouped their colleagues with heavy artillery in a bid to hunt perpetrator of the act.

This report was confirmed by a local police detachment Commander in the County, saying the deployment of additional Guinean military troops at the border with all their artilleries facing Liberia.

According to our Correspondent, the victim is currently undergoing some traditional treatments in a local village with effort being mounted by traditional healers to remove some of the bullets from the back of the victim.  

“Residents of Liberian border towns at Guinea/Liberia border are in fear since the deployment of additional military troops with heavy weaponries. We are hunting for the perpetrator of the act, our men have been deployed in their bid to arrest this guy who has committed this crime,” the Commander of the Lofa County police detachment in a chat with our Correspondent noted.

Our Correspondent further reported that Liberian traders who at most times troop to Guinea to buy goods on that very route are expressing fear of this latest development, wondering as to what should done to stop these perpetrators of this hideous crime.

Detail of this report will be featured in our subsequent posting.

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