Liberian Diplomat Solicits Medical Drugs In France For Health Centers In Monrovia Soon

In a bid to complement efforts of medical institutions and hospitals in the country to address the medical needs of disadvantaged Liberians and foreign residents, a Liberian diplomat and author, Mr. Josephus Moss Gray has brought into the country a consignment of medical drugs from Paris, the Republic of France for onward donations to medical entities in Monrovia.
The medical drugs valued at over US$5,000 were solicited in Paris by Mr. Gray during his recent visit to the French capital to sit his studies program Oral Examinations in International Relations and Diplomacy. The transportation fare for the consignment was fully paid by Mr. Gray.
Addressing a news conference in Monrovia over the weekend, the Liberian diplomat and former Assistant Foreign Minister for Public Affairs paid tribute to an African female for helping to solicit the medical drugs. The lady works in Paris as a nurse in one of the leading hospitals in the city.
According to Mr. Gray, he solicited for more than the consignment he brought into the country, but the high cost of transportation associated with getting the consignment from Paris via Abidjan on board Royal Air Maroc and Air Cote d’Ivoire, was too costly for him to personally bankroll, therefore he has decided to bring into the country the medical drugs.
The consignment, he said has since arrived in the country on September 26, adding that his previous intention was to donate the medical drugs to the medical clinic in Barclayville, Grand Kru County where there is a dire need for such assistance but noted that he had to change his decision due to the bad road condition therefore decided to donate the drugs to one of the hospitals in Monrovia or its surrounding.
Meanwhile, the consignment of medical drugs include Doliprarie-500mg,Doliprarie-1000mg,Paracetamol-500mg, Metoclopramide, Lacryvisc Gel Opht, Kardegic 75mg, Aspegic 75mg, Loxapac, Dedrogy, Bromazepam, Zymad and  Lamotrigine.
Others include Spasfan,Seresta, Meteospasmyl, Repaglimide, Tramadol, Bilaska, Repaglinide, Trimebutine, Movicol, Normacol-Sachets, Arome Citron, Gaviscon, Macrogol, Lactulose Mylan, Cromoptic, Oxoglurate, Vitamin B-12-Aguettant, Vitamin B 12 Dlagrang And Biogaran-Boiax/ Acide, just to name few.

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