LIBERIA: “EBOLA Shows Face” In Liberia Again – Says UN Official

According a report posted on the Reuters news website quoting a UN source, said a new case of Ebola has been found in the suburb of Monrovia, Paynesville where a 10-year-old boy patient who doctors declined to be named resides.

On September 3, 2015 declaration of making Liberia to be free of the virus seem to be a setback as a result of this latest development,  a senior United Nations official said on Friday.

The case represents a setback for Liberia, which has seen more than 10,600 cases and 4,808 Ebola deaths since it was first announced in March, 2014, according to U.N. World Health Organisation figures.

The virus has killed about 11,300 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, but Sierra Leone was declared free of the virus on Nov. 7 and Guinea has begun its countdown to the end of the virus.

The 42-day countdown to be declared Ebola-free starts when the last patient tests negative a second time, normally after a 48-hour gap following their first negative test.

Fear of the virus transformed the three countries and hampered efforts in Sierra Leone and Liberia to recover from civil wars.READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON REUTERS NEWS WEBSITE

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