LIBERIA: SRC Workforce Lauds Management’s Role, Says It is Helpful

The workforce of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) says it is overwhelmed and delighted of the renewed level of cooperation and support from the management of the Corporation in meeting their daily needs despite of the reduction of the price of rubber globally.

“We are pleased with the management of the Salala for its support to our wellbeing; making sure that our children are schooled and medically cared for. Our salaries and other benefits are always on time despite of the unbearable challenges being faced with the company globally,” Arthur Jallah, Vice Principal for Administration of the SRC School System noted with joy as he explained the relationship between the Company and its workforce of over 1,000.

Our staff who visited the entire plantation this week, noticed that nearly all of the employees including their dependants praised the SRC management for its contribution to the growth of the Liberian economy, especially catering to its workforce as required by the Liberian labor laws.

Employees’ incentives including healthcare, education for their children, better working condition and the provision of social services were in full swing, as many of the employees who spoke to our reporter could not withhold their praises on the management.

“Due to the commitment on the part of the management to meeting our needs as being stated by the Liberian labor law, the issue of employees’ regression against their employer is not been noticed here; the cordial relationship between the Workers’ Union is indeed perfect and cordial,” a member of the Union’s Grievance Committee who toured our staff on a tour of the Company’s plantation said.

During the tour of the Company’s new infrastructural developments including the construction of local housing units, bridges, roads, and the availability of hand pumps strategically located in each of the housing units built were visible, a situation our ‘Tour Guard’, a member of the workers’ union in a chat lauded.

“The sale of rubber per ton on the world was previously sold at US$2,500 but this amount has dropped to US$400, despite of all of these challenges, the management of the SRC is still resolute in meeting the needs of its employees; salaries and benefits are still intact,” Mr. Jallah Mensah, Human Resources and Administrative Manager in a chat with our staff noted.

Mr. Mensah speaking further during the interview on the plight of the difficult being encountered by the Company further noted that despite the reduced in the price of rubber on the world market, raw materials for the processing of the rubber before being exported still remained high.

He used the occasion to appeal to the Liberian Government to see reason in addressing itself to the plight of foreign companies that are helping in boosting the Country’s economy growth to be given what he called “Consideration in tax exemption” for those major investor that are helping to boost the Liberian economy.

The SRC Human Resource and Administrative Manager, speaking further noted that if tax exemption is provided to major companies in Liberia, especially those providing huge job opportunity to Liberians it will help robustly to encourage more foreign investors who have over the years made sacrifices to maintain their investments, despite of all odds including the just ended deadly Ebola virus.

He disclosed that with the folding up of several foreign owned companies during the Ebola epidemic, his Company (SRC) remained steadfast in its operation in Liberia, providing huge incentives to hundreds of its workforce who also used their benefits and salaries to upkeep their respective dependants.

He said the only segment affected as a result of the crisis were teaching staffs and students were told by the management to stayed home until the deadly Ebola virus could be put to an end.

Mr. Mensah also disclosed that the SRC healthcare system stood the test of time with employees risking their lives just to save the lives of not only employees of the Company but other non employees of the Company providing healthcare services at their medical center.

During the nearly two hours tour by our staff at the plantation, employees who spoke to our staff expressed gratitude to the management team at SRC, especially its foreign owned bosses, who they described as being their “God” savior to cater to their needs as employees of the Company, despite being sustained as a result of the dropped of rubber price on the World Market.

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