Mary Broh Is Perhaps, The Best Person In The Entire Administration Of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Written By Jones Nhinson Williams

I don't know Mary Broh and have never met her, but I strongly believe that she is, perhaps, the only serious and patriotic official in the current Liberian government. So instead of bringing her down as we (Liberians) always do with our decent and patriotic Liberian brothers and sisters who want substantive change from the past, we must celebrate her and her good works.

If the Sirleaf's administration had five Mary Brohs in that extensively corrupt Liberian administration our country would have been better.  Mary Broh is the only person in that administration that I personally admire. She is patriotic and committed not just to her work, but in exposing the ills of the Liberian society and in ensuring that things are orderly. I just don't get it when people criticize her for doing a damn good job!  Liberians don't like anyone who wants to fix things—-ugly things that the bulk of the useless politicians we have in that country want to stay the same.  

I also didn't know John Morlu then and even now, but I stood by him, defending him online when he served as Auditor General of Liberia, a position in which he tried to correct the lack of accountability mess created by corruption and baseless spending spree.  Then, people criticized John Morlu the same way they are doing Mary Broh today, arguing that  as AG, Morlu should not have been in the business of putting government issues or mess in the media, even when things are terribly wrong and need fixing and when those who caused the damages want the situation to remain the same. Really Liberian people?

I feel pains and understand that the young girls caught in the sex prostitution ring during "General" Mary Broh's clean-up campaign are victims. However, Mary "General" Broh's action in exposing the girls is to tell all Liberians and the outside world that this is wrong and that President Sirleaf, her corrupt officials and her administration must change their behavior and improve living conditions for all Liberians, particularly  ordinary people,  by creating jobs and wealth so that parents will be able to support their children.  

These young girls, unfortunately, are forced as sex slaves under a government headed by a woman and a Nobel Prize holder simply because their parents are unable to support them. The victims' parents are unable to support them because they have no jobs and income. Most parents in Liberia have no jobs and incomes because apart from the fact that the Liberian government lacks bureaucrats / officials with vision and serious public policy and programs' implementation know-how, it is also very corrupt, perhaps the most corrupt since independence in 1847.  All this is happening because Liberia has the most useless legislature in human history, both the Senate and House, especially the House of Representatives, which is headed by a very odd guy who cannot even be a messenger in my office because he will most likely fail background checks. If the Speaker of the House is allegedly very corrupt and does not know what he is doing, do we expect to have a serious legislature? Absolutely not.  

We must tell it as it is because our people are dying from the foolish and repeated ugly actions of these narrow-minded folks who think a child dying from hunger and poverty, and a woman suffocating at child birth in Liberia because of the lack of equipped medical facilities, average nutrition and appropriate healthcare, or a group of young people living with mental trauma because of the lack of jobs and income and university students studying under poor conditions is politics. If we don't stand up to confront these wrongs we will be negating a fundamental moral responsibility as Liberians and should therefore shut up and stop whining every day.

If we had a serious group of people in the national legislature all the craziness going on in that country would not happen.  Instead we have empty vessels in there.  Let us stop putting the blame squarely on the President (and we should leave "general"Broh alone too) because the last time I read about the form of government that Liberia has I did not see any thing about monarchy.  President Sirleaf is not a "queen" or empress.  As President, she is not immune to removal (impeachment) from office if the national legislature finds that she is not doing the right thing and that would be more appropriate especially if the lawmakers know that corruption is excessive under her watch and that the entire country is heading in the wrong direction.  But how can the national legislature take such action when they lack the moral backbone to do so since, in fact, they are the leading agents of everything corrupt in Liberia.  President Sirleaf is working with a bunch of people in an equal branch of government that she knows best, and she knows that they are corrupt, irresponsible, childish, unpatriotic and very foolish.  In fact, many of them called the President "Oldma" in a phony attempt to seek financial and other favors.  Their actions make me feel terribly ashamed when I am in international meetings.  No serous diplomat in the world takes Liberia seriously.  In fact, most renowned diplomats refer to Liberia as a "hopeless" nation governed by seasoned beggars and professional hypocrites.  Sometimes I tend to disagree but that seems to be the fact and facts are facts one cannot change nor dilute them.  So what that does is it embarrasses me because I am always out and about begging for my beloved nation Liberia to be recognized and respected.  The fake impression in Liberia that when our country receives foreign aid through shameless begging then it means some one is doing a damn good job is crazy and laughable to serious folks in the international circles.  It just means we have a pitiful nation where our officials of departments lack sound thinking and creative abilities to make the country economically viable, strong and independent, simple as that.  Mary Broh operates differently from this quagmire and that is why I vehemently believe that the best decision our President has ever made since 2006 was to keep Mary "General" Broh in her administration.

I also used to get angry with President Sirleaf because of the poor conditions and suffering in our country Liberia, but after my 10-year old daughter who is in primary school asked me one day about the system of government we have in Liberia and I told her we have a 'democratic' system with three branches of government, the first thing she said was "daddy come on!  Why put every blame on the President when the other people in the other branches of government are not doing their job?"  My daughter then proceeded in handing me her civic lesson about similar form of governments, i.e  how the Congress checks the U.S. president and how the U.S. courts check both the U.S. president and the U.S. Congress.  She stated further: "daddy, don't you have a similar system in Liberia?"  I was completely dumbfounded.  Since then I shift my fearless attention to many of the crooks we have as lawmakers rather then blaming President Sirleaf for the sickness we have in Liberia.  In the first place, keeping a very corrupt man as speaker undermines everything we want for our country.  I just don't know why those guys in the House still keep this guy in that position.  I don't dislike him as a person, I just can't stand the fact that he has immense the legislature into a mafia fellowship where everything is nothing but bribery when people are dying from poverty, hunger and disease.

Instead of blaming "General" Mary Broh we should all congratulate this very decent woman for being truthful, honest and hardworking. This is a woman who denied Liberian police officers, without driver licenses, the right to drive government vehicles from the General Services Agency. This was a good example for folks who suppose to ensure that motorists have driver's licenses and they were going without licenses themselves  If Mary Broh was the President of Liberia there would have probably been no corruption in Liberia today because she would give corrupt officials 100 lashes in the streets of Monrovia and that is what we need if we seriously want to change that mess in the country.  This is serious!  CORRUPTION AND UNEMPLOYMENT ARE NOW LIBERIA'S BIGGEST SECURITY THREAT.   And this is something I can change in less than a year through sound job and wealth creation policies as well as programs' implementation strategies for free (I am not asking for pay in order to create 10,000 jobs in Liberia in 12 months) but unfortunately our our leader does not like smart people with good ideas, only the sycophants and media-attention seeking junkies who claim to be leading the nation's economic plan with falsehood.

If one carefully analyses the entire administration, Mary Broh is doing a great job then most, if not all.  Mary Broh would make a good President or running mate for president of Liberia because she is honest, actionable and gets things done that she knows are right.  She is a real Kru woman who acts like a Kru woman. No nonsense!

Unlike Mary Broh, there are people in high positions in the Liberian government who do nothing about anything and when they are questioned about the misery of the system and the Liberian people they only provide excuses about how far back the country had been damaged and so it cannot be fixed in one day.  If they have this mentality then they must not seek public office.  That's not so with Mary Broh. We can fix Liberia if we have five more Mary Broh in that rotten system of government and the proofs are there: Mary Broh fixed the passport unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; she curtailed the mess at Monrovia City Hall; she put GSA under control and is now trying to clean up Monrovia's garbage. CONGRATULATION MARY BROH, YOU DESERVE TO BE CALLED THE PEOPLE'S "GENERAL." You truly deserve the Liberian version of the Nobel Prize.

About the Author:

Williams is a Catholic educated philosopher and an American trained public policy professional. He was instrumental in restoring Liberia from factional conflicts and corruptible wars to a normal functioning society and democratic governance in addition to providing the framework for the country's 2003 -2005 national disarmament process on gratis.  Since 2003, he has been aiding African immigrants around the world and working toward solutions that would enable all Liberian refugees throughout Africa and in the west to return home.  He is the first African and only black person to head the Jewish Family Services International Refugee Program, and is an international advocate on forced migration, refugee flow, food insecurity, and the philosophy of governance.  He is married to a former diplomat at the United Nations and has two daughters.

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