LIBERIA: Darius Dillon Speaks Out On National Issues

Some people say I can complain about EVERYTHING. I have decided not to complain about EVERYTHING. But, I will continue ask questions whenever it becomes necessary; and these ones are indeed necessary.

1. Why was no official of government at the RIA to welcome home our     Youth Laureate Abraham Keita? Did his speech highlighting Shaki Kamara's sensless killing and plights of underprivileged children in Liberia before a world body hurt so much?

2. Why has no action been taken against Mary Broh for parading teens in the streets after accusing them of being "child prostitutes"? Why were these teens publicly whipped by Mary Broh? What color of rights does she have to commit such violation against these abused teens? Doesn't Mary Broh know that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING called "child prostitutes"? Doesn't she realise that those teens are VICTIMS of STATUTORY RAPE and other forms of sexual abuse, if indeed they had sex for money (voluntarily or involuntarily)? In fact, do we still have a Gender Ministry?

3. Where are all the social media and other rights groups that show so much concern and anger against these types of abuses and violations? Where is Kofi Woods? Where is Tiawon Gongloe? Where is "Citizens United" for this and "Citizens United" for that?

Meanwhile, special thanks to Leymah Gbowee for standing up during these periods. Heartfelt congratulations to Abraham Keita for shining the light for and on behalf of unprivileged children around the world in general and Liberia in particular. I wish to also recognize and appreciate Vandalark Patrick for mentoring Little Keita.

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