LIBERIA: Justice Minister Urges Citizens To Support State Security

Justice Minister and Attorney General Benedict Sannoh has emphasized the need for every Liberian to get involved in upholding the security of the state.

Addressing the Ministry of Information press briefing Thursday, Minister Sannoh pointed out that no matter the number of security officers it is not possible for them to cover every inch of the country.

“We are doing what we can along with our partners; so we are encouraging you to work along with us in making this transition process a success,” he asserted.

He warned citizens against finding fault with government, but should rather strategize on ways in which they can collaborate with the Liberia National Police (LNP) in fighting crime and providing relevant information that will help maintain the peace.

He wants citizens to be realistic in responding to questions like “What am I doing to help the LNP in keeping the peace and security we now enjoy?”

Meanwhile, minister Sannoh has lamented the lack of understanding and appreciation among Liberians of the justice system.

He said for citizens to think that the LNP provides or encourages criminal activities is unimaginable as the police is not a prosecutor but rather investigates and forwards cases to court for prosecution.

Meanwhile, the Justice Minister has promised to initiate a community program that will sensitize citizens on standardized justice system and the need for citizen participation in the transition process as the U.N. Mission draws down.

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