LIBERIA: Supreme Court Concludes Bar Admission Vetting

The Supreme Court of Liberia Tuesday concluded the screening of petitions submitted by Attorneys-At-Law seeking admission into the Supreme Court Bar as Counselors-At-Law.

Over 35 attorneys, who are already members of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) as well as local county bars, appeared before the full bench of the Supreme Court with other Counselors-At-Law to defend their petitions.

The names of a little over eight attorneys could not be further cleared or recommended by the Supreme Court bench for final examination by the court’s examination committee due to their failure to appear or faults identified in their petitions.

Although he was unable to represent his client before the Supreme Court at the start of the vetting process last week, the former Congress for Democratic Change standard bearer Winston Tubman made an excellent representation for his client on Tuesday.

Two other prominent lawyers, Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman and former President of the LNBA, Cllr Theophilus C. Gould, as a result of busy schedule and illness, sent proxies during the vetting process.

None of the attorneys presented by counselors were denied for unethical conduct or poor financial standing with both the LNBA and local county bar, but those who were identified as having some financial shortfalls were requested to correct the situation before the date of the final bar examination.

When admitted to the Supreme Court Bar as Counselor-At-Law, an attorney will be afforded the opportunity to file complaints or represent clients before that apex judicial body, as compared to an attorney who is not qualified to speak before that bar.

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