Bad Roads Condition Hampers Resumption Of Judiciary Activities In Rural Liberia

Liberians in rural parts of the Country are expected this term of court to be denied from getting justice due to the continual spoil of roads in the rural parts of the Country.

Liberians from southeastern and western Liberia who jointly spoke to a local radio station in Monrovia today expressed disappointment in the Liberian Government’s failure to tackle the Country’s major roads network throughout the Country.

“This Government is indeed insensitive of the plight of us who are residing in rural Liberia. Our roads are getting bad each day, making it very difficult for vehicles to reach our locations. This is very serious, our people cannot even send their goods to nearby commercial centers,” the spokesman of the western and southeastern residents speaking on a local radio station noted.

Judiciary staffers, who came to Monrovia and other nearby cities from their places of assignments, also said they cannot return to their respective judiciary posts in those counties that are affected as a result of bad roads condition.

“The opening of this term of court will be delayed due to bad roads condition; we cannot reach our various assigned locations since some of us came for a break. It is very serious, the central government needs to do something about this,” one of the Magistrates who came to Monrovia during the closure of the last term of court told GNN in an exclusive interview.

Those also affected as a result of bad roads condition are market women, medical practitioners, students and ordinary business people who found the way behind the terrible roads condition, and cannot return to their respective locations.

Many of these travelers with their children including babies are stranded in the high forests spending sleepless nights on the roads waiting for their vehicles to be pulled out of thick mud being grabbed by their vehicles.

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