Cameroon Embassy Thanks Liberian Government For Making Financial Assistance To Deceased Healthworker Family

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon through its Embassy near Monrovia has commended the Government and People of Liberia for the solidarity and financial assistance accorded the family of the late Rev. Brother Patrick NSHAMDZE of the Order of the Saint John of God Brothers, and Director of the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Monrovia, who contracted the Ebola Virus Disease and died during the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

“On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, I am equally pleased to reiterate gratitude for this fraternal gesture. I am aware of and laud, your personal favorable impetus as well as that of the Ministerial Team of the Liberian Foreign Ministry in this outcome,” Ambassador Beng’yela A. GANG stated with deep appreciation to the Ministers of Health and Foreign Affairs.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the Cameroonian Diplomat also paid special tribute to the President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whose decisive solicitude he said has yielded this fruit. According to him, this gesture adds to the posthumous medal of recognition which the President bestowed upon the deceased and forwarded to his family.

A communication from the Cameroonian Embassy near Monrovia says (US$5,000.00) five thousand United States Dollars has been donated to the biological successors of the Late Rev. Brother Patrick NSHAMDZE as a token of appreciation and solidarity to the many humanitarian services rendered for the people of Liberia by the deceased.

Ambassador Beng’yela A. GANG further noted that the bereaved family of the late Rev. Patrick NSHAMDZE has since acknowledged receipt of the money through their Embassy here.

A Foreign Ministry release quoting the letter of acknowledgement from the bereaved family of Rev. NSHAMDZE says the symbolic gesture made by the Liberian Government to the People of Cameroon will go a long way to console the bereaved family following the tragic death of their son and brother, Reverend Brother Patrick NSHAMDZE.

“On behalf of my Father MBIN KAR RAPHAEL and the family, I write this letter to acknowledge that I have received a sum of 2,814,396 (Two million, eight hundred and fourteen thousands, three hundred and ninety-six Francs, CFA) from the Government of Liberian through the Cameroonian Ambassador to Liberia, H.E. Beng’Yela A. GANG”, Rev. Father MBINKAR Emmanuel NJODZEKA, brother of the deceased wrote.

The release also indicated that the entire family is thankful to the Liberian Government for what they term as a wonderful gesture, praying for the Government to continue to multiply efforts to annihilate completely this deadly virus and that the Almighty God will have mercy on those who perished during the crisis.

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