LWSC Craves For Donors’ Assistance, Following Breakdown Of One Its Major Supply Line

Residents of Monrovia and its suburbs are to face a major water shortage due to the breakdown of the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation main water supply lines, the rupture 36” main water supply lines which supplies water from the Corporation’s White Plans Water Treatment Plant (WTP) on in the Pipeline Community putting thousands of residents out of drinking water.

Addressing journalists today at the site of the damaged line, the Managing Director and his Deputy for Technical Services, Mr. Charles Allen and Mr. Frankie N. Cassell said the incident needs serious attention in order to rapidly restore water to the affected communities.

According to the Deputy Managing for Technical Services, engineers and employees are working day and night for the rapid restoration of water, and noted that donors are called upon to come to the rescue of the management as this situation requires huge funding.

He said the damage which occurred on the night of November 4, 2015 saw the LWSC’s response team including engineers and other employee to move in quickly in tackling this situation.

He said the arrival of the LWSC response team make it possible for them to locate the leakage, and since then all is been done to solve the problem, but called on the Corporation’s many customers to bear with the management as this situation will shortly be resolved.

Mr. Cassell then appealed to donors to come to the aide of the Corporation, in order to restore water to those communities being affected as a result of the damaged line.

He praised the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) management for providing a large excavator which is currently helping to reach the depth required to affect a rapid repair of the damaged lines, and also thanked both engineers and employees who are working around the clock for the restoration of water in those communities affected.

He said the excavator provided by the MCC proved to be inadequate as it could not reach the required depth for full exposure of the line with another 3 feet clearance under the pipe.

He told journalists that the only excavator provided by the MCC during their operation was hampered as a result of the wall collapsing due to the clay-like consistency of the surrounding soil as well as the low lying area which is water logged.

He said the entire process had to be accompanied by the continual pumping of water out of the pit, as due to the intensity of this work, a generator and lights have been deployed making engineers and employees who are the LWSC to carry out their work.

Mr. Cassell speaking to reporters also disclosed that steel pile sheeting is being placed to support the damaged walls and further allow the excavator to reach the required depth. He said additional pumps are deployed to rapidly pump out water from the pit.

For his part, the Managing Director of the Corporation, Mr. Allen praised engineers and other workers who  doing all they can to restore water to the many communities who currently suffering from water shortage.

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