NLP Political Leader Reacts To Milton Teahjay’s 2017 Election’s Prediction, Says It Is Sad And Unfortunate

The Political Leader of one of Liberia's newest political parties, the New Liberia Party (NLP), Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams has reacted to recent statement made by Sinoe County Senator, J. Milton Teahjay where he predicted that the race for the 2017 presidential election will be between the current Vice President of Liberia, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai and the Executive Governor of the Central Bank Liberia, Dr. J. Mills Jones are the only ones expected to take the lead for the presidency during the upcoming elections in Liberia.

In a well written statement from the NLP Political Leader said, "In one of her international interviews, specifically a Wall Street Journal’s piece conducted December 1, 2014 during the height of the Ebola crisis, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf diagnosed Liberia’s problems when she said: We do have problems……… We have problems of unemployment because of the lack of skills.  We do have problems of corruption which has been in this country for years. It’s really penetrated the very fabric of society”.   The President was right and the accuracy of the President’s statement can be found in the recent derisory and unfortunate pronouncements by Sinoe County’s senator, Honorable Milton Teahjay, when he ‘predicted’ that the 2017 Liberia’s Presidential election (race) is between Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and the executive governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones.  Senator Teahjay’s declaration not only reconfirms President Sirleaf’s certitude and defense, it also makes us Liberians and Liberia’s international partners to believe, without doubt,  that Liberia faces real serious problems, particularly when people like him (Senator Teahjay) who are in representative positions of reasoning makes unreasonably disturbing extrapolations.  

Speaking to some members of his Sinoe County’s constituency at his Capital building office in recent days, the Senator told the gathering that Liberians will vote people to the presidency on the “basis of performance and not on popularity”; inferring that two individuals, current Vice President Joseph Boakai and current central bank’s governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, have “performed remarkably well” and therefore “they are the ‘Right Guys’ to rule Liberia”.  Of course, the Vice President and the central bank governor are personally two good people, but the question is: What is the Senator’s barometer to determine the good performance of the two people who have and continue serve in a failed and corrupt government? A government in which the very senator himself is under indictment by the Liberia’s anti-corruption body for fraud and corruption based on his time as superintendent of Sinoe County and in which he the Senator, the Vice President and the central bank’s governor, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, are cardholding members of the ruling party until recently when the central bank governor, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, changed party to join the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE).  If the ruling party was doing so well and the so called “experience and performance” the Senator talks about were real, then the central bank’s governor would not have changed party and many members of the ruling party’s Executive Committee would not have resigned in droves in search of new beginnings.

After ten years of the failed Unity Party’s administration in which Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai is Vice President and in which Dr. Joseph Mills Jones leads the country’s economic and fiscal policies, and in which Mr. Milton Teahjay served as a county’s executive for Sinoe and now as senator, one would have thought the Senator would realize by now that the formula they used and that he supported and continues to support time and again was and continues to be wrong for Liberia and the Liberian people.  Unemployment is extremely high, poverty is in the roof and health care is nonexistent.  The roads are deplorable and crime and abuse of our children, especially girls, is all time high.  Just recently the students of the University of Liberia, an institution where the Senator got part of his education, went on strike due to poor educational support and hardships on students. Moreover, the results of the Ebola crisis that killed thousands of Liberians are still telling. If the senator thinks the people of Liberia are happy with these conditions then we believe he must be a different type of Liberian who still lives in the world of insensitivity, because every Liberian we know and hear from cries for help.  They need a new direction; a new, fresh and visionary leadership, and a new way of doing things.

By now and knowing what the ruling Unity Party has done to Liberia with massive corruption we will expect that a ‘good guy’ like Senator Milton Teahjay will realize that all of us as Liberians must change our behavior and support what is right, and not the status quo.  We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results, senator.  The people of Sinoe County and other counties in Liberia need more than artificial experience that does nothing to change poverty into prosperity and a bureaucratic-imposed corrupt society into a transparent and developed nation. Granted that the Senator is right, then he is simply predicting and perhaps encouraging the people of Sinoe and Liberia to repeat the same more failed voting experiment of 2006 and 2011 with bad results. The Vice President and the central bank’s governor have been solid parts of the Unity Party’s government from 2006 to present and yet nothing has changed after two successive electoral victories and mandates.  A vast number of Liberians still live in abject poverty, and with hunger.  “With all due respect for Senator Teahjay, Liberians need a new leadership with fresh ideas, patriotism and the belly fire to lead with boldness in effecting a small but effective government that ends corruption so that Sinoe County and all the other counties in Liberia can have public libraries, 24/7 electricity, advanced clinics and research hospitals, good roads and schools, and so that young Liberians can become small business owners and employers of their own Liberian brothers and sisters,” says Jones Nhinson Williams, leader of the New Liberia Party.  

Our people need to be educated on issues to make good voting decisions, and not seek false short-term financial flow or bribery such as a bag of rice or petit cash to mortgage their future and the future of Liberian children unborn.  We urge Senator Teahjay to stop being a part, or proponent of something that sends Liberia backward.  How long will it take before people like Senator Teahjay realizes that one cannot continues to be of disservice to their nation for the rest of their adult life.  There must be time to reflect and say enough is enough!   The Senator’s declaration is a clarion call that he, perhaps, wants corruption as usual. It is better for failed and/or failing politicians to retreat in retirement with honor than to expose more of their dismal failures that children born today did not see years ago than for them to expose themselves and live in a world where artificial relevance dulls their lack of usefulness

We also urge the Senator and others not to be in the business of doing the same things that have set our country 150 years in reverse.  Let 2017 be the year that all of us realize our mistakes and do the right things.  We clearly urge the senator to be a part of something that sends Liberia 100 years in the future, where investment in infrastructure, manufacturing, agricultural-food production as well as in science, technology, engineering and math will be the mark of a New Liberia.   If spending decades in a government that leaves nothing to be desired is what the senator calls “experience” and “performing well” then President Sirleaf was and has always been right in her pronouncement and judgement about Liberian politicians, because the senator just confirms that.

The Senator has visited the United States for advanced and refresher education, shopping, medical treatment, and relaxation/retreat, especially when Liberia is in chaos.  In fact, he studied partly in the West.  Like the Senator, every Liberian loves western countries or developed nations.  However, the Senator fails to understand that the reason western nations like the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, the U.S., Israel and others are developed is because their citizens are patriotic and visionary.  Even poor people in those countries support political movements and candidates based on vision, concrete plans and the characters of the candidates seeking public offices.   It is not that the citizens or people of those countries have ten senses and we Liberians have five. We are humans like them, the difference is attitude or behavior as well as the vision to see possibilities, which we believe the Senator clearly fails to see when he makes such unfortunate prediction for all Liberians.

Senator Teahjay, we cannot continue doing the same things and expect a different result. If the so called “experience and performance” you are talking about were true experiences and performances, they would have changed the living conditions of the vast majority of people in Liberia.   We believe your prediction is largely based on the fact the Vice President and the central bank’s governor you mentioned both sit on a vast amount of national resources as per their current positions.  If that is the term of reference for your utterance then you could be closer to being right. But even with that, Liberians are not fools.


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