US Based Liberian Wants To Invest On Providence Island To Improve Its Historical Looks

A Liberian based in the United States is appealing to the Liberian Government to grant him the opportunity to take over the Providence Island for improved investment purposes, noting that since the Government seems to be lacking the willpower it was going to be the proper thing to allow someone to take over that historical site.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our US based Correspondent, James Momoh, a onetime photo editor of the Independent Inquirer Newspaper, said the Providence Island which has historical significance and cultural value appears to be abandoned by the Liberian Government.

He stressed as an individual who is willing to bring development to his homeland, Liberia he is prepared to rescue the Island and bring it to its respectable status.

Mr. Momoh said the Providence Island which became the venue that first hosted free slaves from the United States is now a ghost Island due to its current condition.

He said while in Liberia few months ago, he was informed that the Providence Island is under the management of the ministry of Information Cultural and Tourism which is mostly concerned with holding weekly government press conferences than resuscitating one of the historical venues in Liberia.
He noted that if given the opportunity to manage the Island, he will do all he can to galvanize resources in the United States to make the Providence Island a historical and recreational venue for the people of Liberia.

Mr. Momoh said the Island has all the attributes for tourism and recreational purposes and is incomprehensible for the government of Liberia to consciously ignore the recreational and cultural value of this historical piece of land that is surrender by nature.

According to him, if granted the permission by the government to manage the Island, he will make the Island one of the beautiful places in Liberia where tourists will visit and read about the historical significance of Liberia.

He further disclosed that if given the opportunity to manage this historic site, he will construct restaurants of international standards, Movie Theater, Ball rooms where people can come to listen to the live bands and access to boat ride.

Concluding, Mr. Momoh said, “This is my vision for this historical Providence Island.”       


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