U. S. cargo ship’s wreck found 15,000 feet under the Atlantic

Wreckage believed to be the cargo ship El Faro has been found at a depth of 15,000 feet (4,500 metres) in the Atlantic after it was lost in a hurricane Joaquin, US officials have announced.

The US coastguard concluded it sank near the Bahamas after debris and a body in an immersion suit were found in the days after it went missing following a distress call.

The 790ft ship, carrying cars and other products, had 28 crew members from the US and five from Poland when it went down on 1 October.

It had left the Florida port of Jacksonville on Tuesday on a regular supply run bound for San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

A search team using sophisticated scanning sonar found the wreckage, said the US National Transportation Safety Board on Saturday. READ MORE OF THIS STORY WORLD NEWS REPORT ONLINE

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