Liberians Are Using Social Media To Express Frustration Over Their Living Condition; Increased Poverty Backed With The Lack Of Better Roads Nationwide

Liberians from all sector of the society say they are frustrated with their livelihood, especially the lack of improved conditions in their respective locations, making reference of the lack of better roads, blaming the leadership of their Country of being insensitive of their plight.

Those residing in rural Liberia say they cannot sustain themselvces due  to the lack of better farm to market roads, a situation they said crippled them by not selling their produce via transportation to commercial centers in their respective Counties.

Those who attempt to venture in these troubled and bad roads counties to purchase foodstuffs at most times spent days and nights in hard forests endangering their lives with wide animals due to bad road condition.

Appeals are being made via social media, and other networks  by Liberians calling on their leaders to see reason in bringing relief to  them, especially those living in areas that have cutoff from the capitol.

One of such concerned Liberians who seems to be frustrated over the current situation been faced by Liberians is Lewis Smith who did not hid his feelings but rather shared it  in on one of the social media networks, the Face Book.

Smith's post  on the  current situation being faced by Liberians said,  “Liberian President, Vice President and Speaker of the House  are all out of the country spending the country's resources but look at what is happening behind their backs,” making reference on a post he posted with the above photo.

Pondering further, Smith said,  “Where has this ever happened? President and Vice President out of the country, it's a security threat to that nation.”  He concluded. Smith’s joined dozens of other Liberians who are expressing similar situation on the current condition of their Country.

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