LIBERIA: Ellen Led Unity Party Loses Favor, As 18 UP Executives Resigned

The ruling Unity Party of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is desperately losing ground as dozens of its executives are on a daily basis tendering in their resignation to the political leader of the party, and President of Liberia, madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The latest news of resignation from the party are eighteen executive members from President Johnson Sirleaf  birth place, Bomi County, saying they are happy  to leave the party, noting, “You do me, I do you” which they said remained the  epitome of our deception.

The eighteen executive committee members who resigned from the ruling Unity Party including the county chairman, indicated that the Party has lost its ‘spiritual home’ – the ‘motherland’ of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, which is also known as the heart and soul of the Party.

In their letter to the Chairman of the Party who is also Senator of Grand Cape Mount County, Varney G. Sherman dated October 26 the defectors said their resignations were due to dissatisfaction “over the ill manner the Party has treated Bomi County.”

They said for over 10 years, they have found themselves defending the failed policies of Unity Party to citizens and the opposition with promises that Bomi County would rise again under the Party’s leadership.

“The slogan ‘you do me, I do you’ remains the epitome of our deception to Bomi. Ten years have gone and we and the opposition have seen nothing, but economic regression in poverty and a silent government to our plight,” the letter said.

“Campaign promises are unfulfilled to the extent that we have become the mockery of other counties that are progressing. When we joined UP and campaigned for the leadership of this country, we did so believing that our party was the most qualified to bring development to our county.

“Ten years on, we now join the opposition to believe that this conviction of ours is false. Our county remains as backward as it was ten years ago,” the letter continued.

“As a result of the foregoing and several other reasons that we refrain to cite here, we have chosen this moment to discontinue our membership with the Unity Party. Please let this communication as our official resignation from the Unity Party.”

Those who affixed their signatures to the letter include: Richard B. Devine, County Chairman; Maima B. Free County Chairlady; Miatta A. Monger, County Treasurer; Edwin B.G. Kpingba, County Chaplain; and Morris B. Sayou County Mobilization Chairman, among others (See full list below).

Amid speculation that the former 18 UP Bomi County executive members are to join the Liberian People’s Democratic Party (LPDP), Mr. Devine said they are still searching for a better party.

“I wish that since we resigned together we should also join another party together, and in numbers, for the mutual benefit of Bomi County,” Mr. Devine said.

However, when our reporter interviewed Mr. Devine at the LPDP’s headquarters in Airfield, Sinkor, he clarified that the office is his business office and that the LPDP is renting from him.

“I have not decided which party I would join and I don’t know about LPDP,” Mr. Devine said.

It may be recalled that Speaker Tyler and scores of legislators have resigned from the Unity Party (UP). Among them are Sen. Oscar Cooper and Representatives Blamo Weseh, Moses Kollie and Morias Waylee.

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