U.S. Task Force Recommends Screening All Overweight Adults for Diabetes Risk

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is recommending that adults between ages 40 to 70 who are overweight or obese be screened for abnormal blood sugar. The guidelines are considered a way to lower the risk of developing heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Having abnormal blood sugar metabolism is a risk factor for heart disease and could progress to diabetes in some people. The Task Force reviewed the available research and found evidence to support screening for abnormal blood sugar before it can progress to diabetes. The Task Force previously did not factor weight into its recommendations and instead recommended screening for type 2 diabetes in asymptomatic adults with high blood pressure in 2008. The new guidelines are an update to those recommendations.

Abnormal blood sugar happens when they body doesn’t break down and use sugar in the right way. It’s not as severe as full blown type 2 diabetes, and if people make changes like eating healthier and increasing their physical activity, data suggests they can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.  READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON TIME NEWS


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