NLP Supports President’s stance against Vandalism, but urges the President and team to be sensitive

The Political Leader of the New Liberia Party (NLP), Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams, strongly supports President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s stance against vandalism, crime and all acts that not only destroy investors’ confidence in our country, but create a situation that gives an image that Liberia is a misguided nation of hooligans and troublemakers.

When citizens attack an investment, especially a business owned by foreign business interests, it sends a wrong message to the outside world today and for the future.

Besides, Lawlessness is wrong, and politicians as well as our so-called activists who, instead  of acting on a vision for a better Liberia, choose to ride on the illiteracy, social vulnerability and poverty of young Liberians and others by inciting anarchy as a means of solidifying their political and social relevance must desist with immediate effect.  

While commenting on Monday at the official commissioning of a Plastic bottling ceremony of the Liberia Coca-Cola Company in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia, President Sirleaf was right when she said that “persistence protests, destruction of properties of investors and holding of placards in the streets of Monrovia and other parts of the country are contributing factors to slow investments in the country”.  

The President was also accurate when she warned that the “culture of violence in Liberia must be brought to an immediate halt as her government remains prepared to enforce the full weight of the law to preserve the sustainability of the ‘hard earned peace’ we currently enjoy”.

The New Liberia Party’s Political Leader agrees with the President and supports her stance on the issue of halting vandalism and crime. “We need to focus on job and wealth creation for our people. We also need to ensure that Liberia transitions from the status of a developing country to that of a developed nation.

We can do this by eliminating massive corruption and confiscating stolen wealth and properties of economic criminals, decentralizing the administration of services and by investing in science, technology, engineering and math as well as in manufacturing, agricultural-food production, energy and infrastructural development”, said Williams, Political Leader of the New Liberia Party.  

However, the President, her special friends, bureaucrats and privileged loyalists must show a moral side to their politics and leadership of the country.  For the President and the 5% beneficiaries of her administration to think that Liberians, particularly the unemployed young people and students, who are engaged in demonstration and uprising because of the pains, hunger, sufferings and frustration they undergo every day in a country that has so much resources and potential but great human needs are people who just want to cause chaos is utterly insensitive, unfair, baseless, and politically misguided.  

True, every Liberian must take responsibility for their actions, and those who thrive on violence by inciting anarchy must be brought to account.  Unfortunately, the President has refused to be held accountable for the poverty and leadership-imposed hardship on ordinary citizens.  

Liberians are angry because the Sirleaf’s government has and continues to be bent on creating opportunity by exclusion. This style of governance has damaged the mindset and thinking capacity of the Liberian people.  Insensitive leadership style is the motivational factor for the ugly predicament our country faces today.  Instead of blaming hungry and unemployed Liberians all the time for all that goes wrong, it is time the President shows some honesty and humility by taking some responsibility.  

Instead of looking up to the same more people whose ideas, greed and judgments have brought no real change in the lives of Liberians, President Sirleaf must look outside of the box to seek new ideas.  No one is asking that the President fire her cabinet, however, one would have expected that the President’s recently appointed Ministerial Taskforce would have brought in visionary Liberians from outside her orbit if she is really serious about leaving behind a better Liberia.  Instead, we saw nothing refreshing.

Here are the facts:  the economic condition of Liberians today is poorer than it was under President Tolbert, President Doe and even a warlord president Charles Taylor. Even then people, including the President herself and most of the so-called progressive elders that serves and advises her today, complained and demonstrated during those times.

In Liberia today, government employees and bureaucrats not only own the best homes and ride the most expensive cars, they take overseas vacations at luxury resorts and hotels in Western nations when hundreds of poor students at the University of Liberia struggle to obtain a quality and affordable education that the world calls a basic human right.

Teachers and nurses are paid below wages offer to slaves and migrant farm workers. More so, doesn’t the President see that Liberians kids are dying from malnutrition and that access to health care is non-existent in about 99% of the country? No one doubts the nobility and good intentions of the President, particularly when foreign public relations firms receive unspecified royalties to advance her international image all the time.  However, her refusal to be sensitive to the inner cries and needs of Liberians who lack basic necessities of life is the worst page in human history since slavery.  

So while we support President Sirleaf and her government against vandalism and crimes committed by a few struggling Liberian citizens, we equally urge the President and her bureaucrats to do an honest assessment of the morality of their stewardship as well as desist from selling or mortgaging every piece of the country’s natural resources that they see.  It is wrong, flatly immoral and unfair to generations of Liberians unborn.  

In another development, the New Liberia Party’s political leader urges all Liberians to provide their moral and financial support to Mr. Musa Bility as he seeks the Presidency of the world soccer governing body, FIFA, even if the odds are against him.  Mr. Bility shows courage and the kind of direction Liberians need to emulate.

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