Liberian Ex-Rebel Leader, Sekou Damate Conneh On Peace Drive In Ghana, Lauds Government For Lasting Peace

Ex-Liberian rebel leader, Sekou Damate Conneh who is currently in the West African state of Ghana is calling on his fellow compatriots to do away with those vices that will once again bring hardship upon them and their beloved nation, Liberia.

In a prepared statement emailed to this news outlet, the Ex-rebel leader said, "Most countries have gone through times when profound disagreements tested the will and determination of their citizens. Our country Liberia is no exception.  We have had our share of serious disagreements as a nation and people. What is certain is that disagreements in themselves are not necessarily bad, but the lessons learned from the disagreements and the ability and determination to move forward in peace and harmony, based on sincere reconciliation, matters.

It means looking back and saying we must not repeat what led us to the conflicts of the past.  However, it seems our politicians have forgotten that peace and reconciliation are paramount to our national security, our socio-economic development and the prosperity of all Liberians.  

It is time we stop the politics, exclusion, greed and the divisive tactics that have the propensity to continue to set Liberia backward.  It is time we focus on uniting all Liberians and our country; it is time we stop the fingers pointing; the belated accusations and selfish positioning at the detriment of the Liberian people.  These behaviors and actions are wrong and must stop!

Politics and public service in Liberia must not be envisioned as a dirty game or selfish enterprise that puts the interest of self and the few above the rest. To move forward, I Sekou Damate Conneh, a principal signatory to the 2003 Accra Peace Accord that brought peace to our nation, do hereby pledge to work for peace and national reconciliation–¬¬¬–a peace and national reconciliation that must start from every village in Liberia to every town and city.  I therefore call upon all Liberians to join the call and mission for peace and national reconciliation because it is the best and only genuine way forward for a better Liberia.  I will, over the next few weeks, respectfully engage Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County, Dr. George Boley, Ambassador Ahadji G.V. Kromah, Chief Cyril Allen and others so that we can push for a national taskforce to advance real peace and reconciliation in Liberia.  We also encourage our brothers and sisters in the current Liberian government, especially the Executive and legislative branches to support this initiative. Distractions do not help our country and people; it only derails our future while our neighbors in our region move forward.

I want to take this time to proudly acknowledge Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams, a patriotic Liberian who continues to inspire all Liberians to a future of peace and national reconciliation, a future of a better and strong Liberia as demonstrated by his work with Liberian and African refugees around the world.  With no self-seeking media-driven attention, Mr. Williams continues to put Liberia first by engaging stakeholders like myself and others while still advancing our nation’s interest and image around the world.  Every Liberian must develop this attitude.   Our people in all refugee camps must return home, but this would not happen if we still make them to believe, by our attitude, that Liberia is worst off than it had been twenty years ago.

Finally, I want to thank President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor and entire Supreme Court bench, our honorable lawmakers, the dedicated Liberian media and the steadfast Liberian people for the relative peace and security our country enjoys today. It is time we move past our past and unite!", he concluded in his statement

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