LIBERIA: GVL Boost Employment in Tartweh-Drapoh Community, Sinoe County

Golden Veroleum Liberia has employed an additional seven citizens from the Tartweh-Drapoh Community, Sinoe County, bringing the total employment in this community to 107. The seven employees have all been placed in key positions at the company estate in Kpanyan Statutory District, Sinoe County.

With a commitment to work in the  interest of the company and community, those hired include,  Sampson Borteh, human resources officer for Tartweh south, Abraham Tukpeh, human resources officer for Numopoh, Emmanuel Swen, Biov operator, Sam Geelar-Daniels, finance clerk, Lawrence Tarcheon, Peter Toe Roberts, Jr. Warehouse clerk, and Kassandra Dweh finance clerk.

GVL’s General Manager for Human Resources, Eric Goll, said the seven persons who have commenced work will undergo two weeks of training in their respective positions before fully taking up their assignments.  He said GVL will continue to recruit citizens in the area as the company expands its operations on the land the community and GVL have agreed under the MOU may be used for oil palm development. “When we reach full development in Liberia, we will employ potentially up to 35 to 40,000 employees,” Goll said.  “Tartweh-Drapoh as our partner community will have a share of this number in accordance with the land we will develop in the area; in addition to other facilities for community benefit that are also provided in accordance with the MOU.”

He said GVL was committed to recruiting qualified Liberians to work in its oil palm industry, which is new to Liberia. Employment brings financial independence, he noted, adding that the pay and benefits for company employees in Liberia’s Southeast are significantly better than the national average. This long term, stable income directly into the communities will allow them to develop much better standards of living. To date, GVL employs approximately 4,000 Liberians, with an expectation of an increase in said when at full operation in the coming years.

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