Desmond Elliot explains the deep problem with him and Ramsey Nouah

Desmond Elliot, is indeed grateful to his creator for making his journey so far in life become something worth celebrating each day that passes by. The actor while recalling is journey into acting, stated that he never got a good acknowledgement from fellow actor Ramsey Noauh when he first met him over 10 years ago. He explained that Ramsey was listening to a Jamaican song in his car when he walked up to him to make the introduction before he got a cold response from him which actually was a bad feeling for him:

“Now, it is funny how I see other young actors come to me. They call me by character name and try to explain the role they are playing just the way I introduced myself to Nouah then. It is now a conscious effort to be nicer because truth be told he wasn’t really nice to me. He just said okay and he continued listening to his song.”

Desmond while smiling at the way people now walk up to him to discuss or talk about their various roles played, warned that people should learn to be nice to others no matter their status:

“Don’t be quarrelsome because message spread faster. The fact that people felt I was humble worked for me, though they would never give you a bad or hard man’s role.” READ MORE OF THIS STORY OF AFRICAN MOVIE NEWS

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