As Abject Poverty Craws over Liberia, Liberians Are Saying Poverty Is Not Their ‘Portion’

As Liberia continue to boast of its natural resources including gold, diamond and other mineral to be enjoyed by its citizens for years long, still Liberians on a daily basis  are been swallowed by abject poverty due to the misused of its numerous natural resources by those in authority.

Recently it was reported in Monrovia by a local daily, that one of the sons of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has established a local Company in a bid to purchase the country’s last oil blocks 6&7.

The paper said Robert A. Sirleaf in his bid to win the bid on the purchasing of the oil blocks established the Kosmos Energy to purchase the oil blocks as low as Seven Million United States Dollars instead of Thirty Million United States Dollars initially charged for it purchase.

Since this information was released by the media early this week, dozens of Liberians and rights groups say they are irritated of the report, expressing fear that the Country’s oil rich coffer may very soon be sold out with its citizens getting nothing our their Country natural resources.

Liberians and rights groups who spoke to our staff on this issue, condemned the Liberian Government for selling out all the oil blocks in the Country, noting if all of these oil blocks are sold where the nation will go.

Sarah Barclay, a resident of central Monrovia in a rather frustrated state expressed disappointment in the Liberian Government, stressing, “Where do we go from here when all of our mineral resources are being cheaply sold out. Poverty is not our portion in Jesus' name,” Madam Barclay speaking further noted.

Students from the University of Liberia who spoke on a local radio station this morning condemned the Government for what they termed, “The Liberian Government is insensitive of the plight of its citizens. Citizens of Liberia are on a daily basis dying as a result of hardship. No good health centers, and to making worst our roads condition are bad,” the students in their radio talk show said.

In its publication early this week, the paper, Hot Pepper said  the Liberian leader has reportedly given her blessing to Kosmos Energy to go ahead for the purchase of the oil blocks at the most ‘Moderate Rate of US$7M’.

The paper quoting a senior member of the National Legislature who spoke in confidence, said the only reason the sale of oil blocks 6&7 is being stalled is because the Liberian leader has not given in to the demand of the Speaker of the House of Representative, Alex Tyler that oil blocks 6&7 be given to both houses (Representatives and Senate), leaving the President free to do so as she went on with block 17.

The lawmaker further speaking to the paper said it will be a difficult fight to pass the oil blocks in question, with the legislators being fully knowledgeable of the facts that Kosmos Energy is in the financial interest of the President and her son, Robert A. Sirleaf.

The lawmaker also said the President has no leverage in the House of Representatives and would be forced to a base bargain once it is in the interest of her son. He further observed that it is only in the Senate that the President has a little influence, the paper quoting the lawmaker added.

It can be recalled, that the same Robert Sirleaf who brought Chevron to Liberia, after Oranto sold the 70% of his shares in offshore oil blocks 11, 12 and 14 to Chevron. The Liberian Government could not account for the taxes on the sales of the oilblocks.

Liberians who spoke to GNN in an exclusive interview expressed frustration over this new development, and wonder where the futures of their beloved Country lies will.

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