Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Are ‘Secret Killers’ In Liberia

Diabetes and Hypertension has been identified as a medical condition that is secretly becoming the leading cause   of death and disability in Liberia. The revelation was made by Mr. James Momoh while addressing a cross section of health care workers in the United States.  

The gathering of health care professionals was aimed at getting detail accounts of the health environment in Liberia and to identify areas that are urgently in need of assistance.  

Momoh who is also the founder of the Liberia Diabetes testing center, returned to the United States recently after a month long health assessment that was centered on diabetes and hypertension.  He told his attendees that the country health care delivery system lacks the capacity to meet the scourging health needs of the people of Liberia.

He said the lack of adequate founding to clinics and hospitals in the country has often left health care institutions without drugs, electricity and medical professionals. He added that most of the medical professionals are now engaged into private practices leaving government health centers without trained doctors or nurses.

He said while on his month health assessment visit to Liberia,  diabetes and hypertension  become the  leading cause of death in Liberia which  he alluded  to the lack of awareness on the complications of diabetes and hypertension, and the absence of an environment that could provide medical services to people that are suffering from a medical condition  that is manageable.

‘It is based on the plight of our people that I decided to open a center that is today catering to the hyperglycemic and hypertensive needs of the people of Liberia” Momoh said, people of all ages where developing diabetes or high blood pressure but were unknowingly living with this life threatening condition until they were informed of their medical condition after getting tested at the center.

Momoh informed the gathering that opening a center in Liberia was not aimed at treating people with diabetes and hypertension but to provide them with testing opportunities which was not accessible to the majority of the population.

He said some of the diagnoses have become irreversible because of the protracted period that individuals were living with the disease.  He told his audience to join him in his individual fight against diabetes and hypertension in Liberia.  He said Liberia is a country where people are not health sensitive but with sustained health engagement and awareness on a population that he described as ‘vulnerable’ the lives of Liberians will certainly be safe. 

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